REM Marketing Solutions

REM Marketing Solutions: Working in partnership with emerging managers

REM Marketing Solutions is run from London, encompassing marketing, sales, product management and business management knowledge and experience. The aim is to work closely with new fund managers, assisting them in understanding the requirements of their prospective client base, and in reaching an institutional standard in their business and products.

Camilla Balmer, leading the activity, has combined experience in working with investors and hedge fund managers alike and is in a unique position to listen to clients’ needs and expectations, and in turn help early-stage managers understand what is required of them today.

Each manager has different needs and will be at different stages of their business and product development, therefore the offering remains flexible and bespoke, depending on each individual requirement.

To see more information on what we can provide  and some case studies, please go to the REM Marketing Solutions Offering page.

If you are an early-stage manager and would like further information, please contact the REM Marketing Solutions team directly on: